A group of Ball State business and telecommunications students have produced a documentary film entitled “Increasing Your Odds: How to Start a Business.” The target markets for the film are incubation centers, start-up advisors and academic entrepreneurship programs. The film is designed to help the naïve but aspiring entrepreneur avoid crucial mistakes in developing a business. The content is not highly abstract, specific or theoretical; but emphasizes simple points that academics and practitioners agree are essential to starting a successful business. It is an engaging, entertaining and inspiring documentary.

The film unfolds along the following thematic lines:

“Passionate Commitment.” — “Pass the Market Test” — “The Business Plan” — “Implementing the Business Plan” — “Persistence”

The film features a number of successful start-up businesses in various stages of development to dramatically illustrate the abovementioned points. In addition, experts in business start-ups are featured. The companies examined include Big Sky Brewing of Missoula, Montana; Air Robotics LLC of Muncie, Indiana; Blue Bottle Coffee Shop of Muncie, Indiana; Vera Bradley Designs of Ft Wayne, Indiana; Ball Corporation of Broomfield, Colorado and Anheuser-Busch of St Louis, Missouri.

View full trailer from the Ball State University Web site below: